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Assemblymember Connolly Sends Bill Streamlining Reporting Requirements for Organic Farmers to Governor’s Desk

AB 404 calls for an update to the redundancies in government agencies requiring reporting from organic farmers.

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO, CA Assemblymember Damon Connolly’s (D-San Rafael) bill requesting a reevaluation of the reporting requirements for organic farmers has passed successfully through the State Legislature, and is now headed to Governor Gavin Newsom for approval. If signed into law, Assembly Bill (AB) 404 will streamline the federal and state agencies to whom organic farmers must report, shifting the burden of reporting requirements away from individual businesses. This bill was drafted in response to duplicative reporting requirements that need to be evaluated for efficiency.

“Repetitive reporting requirements place undue burden on organic farmers, and AB 404 will ensure that the federal and state agencies are supporting organic industries,” said Assemblymember Connolly (D-San Rafael). “The current reporting requirements for organic farmers are repetitive, and a streamlining of these requirements would omit any superfluous steps or inefficiencies. This serves to benefit the community by supporting our organic industry and maximizing the productivity of reporting”.

AB 404 requires that the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) evaluate and submit a report detailing the reporting requirements placed on organic farmers, and modify any redundancies. Currently, organic farmers are required by law to report to the United States Department of Agriculture and the CDFA, and those processing organic food must report to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) in addition to the basic regulatory compliance standard. Recommended efficiencies must be outlined and implemented to ease this burden on organic farmers.

Organic farms are shown to have smaller greenhouse gas footprints, healthier soils, and higher carbon sequestration rates. Additionally, supporting organic production is advantageous due to its fiscal benefits; crop value in California is at least double that of the next leading state.

AB 404 now awaits a decision from Governor Gavin Newsom after passage in the State Legislature.


Assemblymember Connolly represents Assembly District 12, consisting of Marin County and Southern Sonoma County.