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Assemblymember Connolly Passes Sixteen Bills off the Assembly Floor

This week Assemblymember Connolly passed eight more bills off the Assembly floor, sending sixteen total bills to the Senate.

For immediate release:


SACRAMENTO, CA – This week, the final week for legislation to be heard in its house of origin, all eight of Assemblymember Damon Connolly’s (D-San Rafael) bills being considered on the Assembly Floor passed. Joining his other eight bills that have already passed out of the Assembly, these sixteen bills will move on to a Senate policy committee as they continue to travel through the legislature.

Assemblymember Connolly’s full list of bills that have passed out of the Assembly and now will make their way through the Senate are: 

  1. AB 99: Prohibits use of RoundUp on state highways.
  2. AB 828: Protects endangered wetlands and access to clean drinking water.
  3. AB 1274: Adds “fostering a new generation of young Californians to enter the civil service workforce” to the existing list of issues upon which the California Youth Empowerment Commission may make formal recommendations to the Legislature, Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Governor.
  4. AB 1778: Authorizes a pilot program in Marin County and its cities prohibiting kids under sixteen years of age from riding a class 2 e-bike and requiring helmet use.
  5. AB 1790: Requires the California State University system to strengthen protections against sexual harassment and update their policies on sexual harassment complaints and allegations.
  6. AB 1864: Strengthens the regulations for pesticide use near schools.*
    1. Passed the Assembly: 47-14
  7. AB 1926: Expands healthcare coverage for metabolic disorders.*
    • Passed the Assembly: 67-0
  8. AB 2143: Moves the government code sections related to fairs.
  9. AB 2149: Also known as Alex’s Law, establishes safety standards for large vehicular gates in response to the tragic death of a Marin County child.*
    • Passed the Assembly: 51-10
  10. AB 2196: Codifies and expands the beaver restoration program.*
    • Passed the Assembly: 72-0
  11. AB 2251: Authorizes school districts to exempt high school students with absences related to their mental or physical health from additional graduation requirements beyond those required by the state.
  12. AB 2416: Improves the Safer from Wildfires program.*
    • Passed the Assembly: 51-14
  13. AB 2734: Expands the Healthy Soils program.*
    • Passed the Assembly: 72-0
  14. AB 2897: Expands the definition of a community land trust so it may be used by a community for its wide array of diverse purposes.
  15. AB 2968: Improves defensible space and wildfire evacuation protocols in schools.*
    • Passed the Assembly: 71-0
  16. AB 2298 (Joint Author with Assemblymember Hart and Assemblymember Bennett) Expands the Protecting Blue Whales and Blue Skies program.*
    • Passed the Assembly: 70-0

*Passed off the Assembly Floor this week.


Assemblymember Connolly represents the entirety of Marin County and Southern Sonoma County